About Nice Brand Footwear

Delivering Comfort For Over 45 Years

Nice Brand Footwear was established in 2013 on California’s beautiful Central Coast. As a proud family-owned business, made of “shoe people,” The Founder of Nice Brand Footwear has over 45 years of experience within the shoe industry. From design to retail to repair – we understand the entire footwear lifecycle. This is why customers keep coming back. We wear the shoes we produce, because if it’s not nice and comfy, all day every day, then we don’t make it.

The secret is in the footbed.

Nice proprietary footbeds provide critical arch support, adequate toe grip, and supportive heel cups. Utilizing key materials, layers of cushion, and an anatomically contoured arch ensemble, Nice footwear provides a high level of comfort, shock absorption, and total body support.

Footwear For Every Lifestyle

Whether taking long walks on the beach, shopping at local boutiques, or just lounging at home, Nice Brand Footwear offers a variety of styles to suit any lifestyle and activity.




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