The custom NBF911 footbed is the heart and soul of Nice footwear.

We carefully selected the highest quality, materials that adapt to the shape of your foot. Maximize comfort, support, stability, and durability where you need it most.

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Five Layers of Fine Comfort

Every layer has a specific purpose. Together, the five layers form a cohesive system to keep your feet nice and comfy all day, every day.

1. Stay Clean and Soft

The NBF911 footbed uses a vegan microfiber liner that stays clean and soft to the touch.

2: Lightweight Yet Durable

Below the liner, the custom NBF911 footbed has a soft, lightweight EVA top deck for extra coziness and shock absorption, creating a lightweight base layer.

3: Adaptive Stability

The 3/4 length cork CORE allows the footbed to create a more custom fit while keeping the footbed lightweight and flexible. The EVA tray gives stability to the other layers in the footbed and shoe.

4: Impact Resistant Cushioning

The lightweight and shock absorbing Phylon, with foam cells on the strike points, work well to provide a very nice ride as you walk.

5: Outsoles blend general walking with rugged comfort

Added protection means more versatility. Rubber plugs with Phylon create a complementary and unique outsole that is super with the NBF911 footbed. Choose the outsole style that fits your personality.

EVA Absorbs Shock

EVA stands for ethel vinyl acetate which is a safe man-made material that is also known as “foam”. We chose it for the NBF911 footbed, due to its unique ability to absorb repeated impacts and remain soft to the touch.

Removable, Repairable, & Replaceable

Keep your feet fresh and comfortable, while prolonging the life of your footwear, with removable and replaceable footbeds and outsoles.

Pick Your Style

Nice Brand Footwear has styles as unique as you are. Browse this year’s styles to find the footwear that fits your personality.

Look For The Nice Trademark

The NBF911 and NBF911S footbeds are only sold by Nice Brand Footwear.




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